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Meet Amanecer

Amanecer provides mental health services, domestic violence counseling, and adolescent behavioral intervention services for the primarily Latino community living in central and downtown Los Angeles neighborhoods.

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credit: DreamtimeMore Kids Treated for Mental Health Conditions

The use of mental health treatments has increased in recent years much more than it has among adults, a new study finds.

mental illnesss childrenMental illness in children: Where to turn

(CNN) -- Think of five children you know. One of them may suffer from a serious debilitating mental illness. If this child is your own, finding answers to the question "How can I help my child?" can be daunting and overwhelming.

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Elena: A Life Regained

“Finally free!” is how Elena now describes herself. The journey to her current life was anything but easy, and began when she walked through the doors of a local WIC office a year ago. It was there that Elena met with an outreach representative from Amanecer and, for the first time, shared her fears with another person. Elena was terrified that if she admitted the depression she was experiencing following the birth of her third child, she could risk deportation and losing her children. With compassion and skill, Amanecer’s outreach representative focused on establishing trust with Elena and getting her into treatment.

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What is postnatal depression?

Postpartum Depression=

Postnatal depression, also called postpartum depression (PPD), is the mood swings that a woman can experience after childbirth. It’s natural for new moms to feel frustrated and burst into tears but when the “baby blues” last more than two weeks, or are very severe (symptoms such as stress, irritability, erratic sleep, reduced libido, crying bouts, fatigue, gloominess, social withdrawal and resentment) they have a significant negative effect on life. This depressive state might arise within a few days of delivery and could continue for years together if left untreated.

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of PPD, it is important to seek treatment immediately.